2018 Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends,


Giving Tuesday is on November 27.  It is recognized as a national day of giving after the Thanksgiving holiday.  There is so much need in the world but I ask that you consider our humble charity.  We are all so grateful to have many blessings in our lives.  This past year has been amazing and we thank you for that.  

Our after school programs have provided learning and play for children.  The summer was filled with family fun nights and weekly programs from visiting Mission groups.  We repaired 14 homes and 3 local churches that were in desperate need of repairs in order to keep their doors open.  We hosted free clothing days, free school supplies and backpacks, and provided food to hundreds of families.  We estimate that in all, ICM has touched the lives of at least 800 families this past year.  

Due to the expansion of ICM, Hilton and I brought on Krystie to take part in the day to day activities.  Last year’s fundraiser allowed us to be able to hire her.  Unfortunately, our predictable giving has declined since then and now our expenses are far exceeding our donations.  We estimate that for every $1 we receive, $4 is going to expenses.  Some months, that number is $1 to every $6.  

We are very good at making a dollar go far.  We never take our donations for granted and pray each month that we will have a way to keep growing and serving the community.  Your donations go towards our youth programs, heating assistance, education, home repairs, clothing and appliances, and the food pantry.  It also goes towards payroll.  (We only have 2 full-time and 1 part-time employee.  The rest of us are volunteers.)  But, as any of us would tell you, it is more than a full time job, it is a calling.

Your giving also goes toward center utilities (which can be expensive due to our food pantry freezers), insurance on the facility, food truck, and van. It also helps us to buy various supplies, do necessary repairs and maintenance on our buildings and vehicles and so much more. Your giving helps us to make sure that every child has a bed to sleep in and that no child goes hungry because of our work with the County-wide backpack feeding program.

We are always grateful for any donations, one-time or monthly.  But I’m asking you to consider committing to an ongoing monthly donation this next year.  A monthly commitment allows us to budget better and to have some sense of security for the months ahead.  It will help us prepare for how we can best serve the community.  

We are grateful for all of your gifts.  We are grateful for your donations of time, clothing, food, home items and monetary donations.  We are also grateful for your prayers and words of encouragement.  We wouldn’t be here serving if it weren’t for you.  

Thank you and God bless,


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