Food Assistance

Currently 150 families get monthly help from our food pantry.  We provide dry and canned goods, paper products, toiletries, baby items, vitamins and OTC medicines.  Our local Kroger has been generous to let us pick up day old bread to add to our food pantry. 

Before the food pantry existed, families struggled when they were hungry.  Now, they can focus on the next steps in life instead of where their next meal is going to come from. 

Our Food Pantry

Simply put, ICM's Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which collects donated surplus and salvageable food locally, as well as food purchased at wholesale, salvage and co-op prices, then distributes this emergency food to hungry people throughout McCreary County and eastern Wayne County in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky.

The Food Bank also solicits financial contributions which are used to make wholesale food purchases.  Currently we make such purchases through Kentucky's 2nd Harvest.

ICM's Food Pantry was opened in 2007 as a joint project of Integrated Community Ministries and Hills and Hollers Ministries, Inc.  The Food Pantry's mission is to distribute as much nutritious food as possible to local families with need.   We have grown to the point that we now distribute 1 week's worth of food to 150 families per month.

In order to supply this need, we acquire food through a variety of sources, including local market donations, community food drives and the purchase of food supplies in bulk at wholesale prices. 

Summer Lunch Program

During the summer months, we fill up our coolers with bagged lunches, load up our van, and drive them to the children of the community.  This helps to make sure that the kids do not go without when school is not in session.

A sample lunch is a sandwich, fruit cup, veggie cup, juice or milk, and dessert..

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