Front Porch Ministries

Youth Ministry Programs

Our weekly youth ministry program exposes teens to the examples of Christ and are being taught the relationship between choices and consequences.  In an area plagued with drug abuse, domestic violence and poverty, we want to present the young people with a positive viable choice for their futures. 

With the help of churches outside our community (and sometimes our state), we have involved our teens in Christian youth retreats.  For some teens, this was their first trip outside our community.  Along with the guidance of these churches, our kids visited their first water park and even saw the ocean. 

During summer months, we have visiting mission groups that host a Vacation Bible Schools for the children.

Front Porch Ministry

ICM leads this ministry in Christian love.  We care deeply about the needs of the families in our community and have no restrictions on who can use our services.

Though our community is small, we are not immune to the dangers of drug abuse, domestic violence and alcoholism.  Our ministry addresses these issues on an individual basis and assists with both their physical and their spiritual needs. 

Our Front Porch Ministry is essential to introducing people to Christian example.  We strive to help people identify their calling and to provide innovative training in fulfilling God’s purpose in his or her own life. 

We believe the greatest message we could ever preach would be the example of our lives.  Once people know you care for them, they are more willing to follow your example.  We strive to help others to give of their time and talents to not only help themselves, but to help others and encourage them to be involved in a ministry or church.  We do this through weekly youth ministry, weekly women’s Bible study, outreach efforts, and counseling on an as needed basis.

Women’s Bible Study

ICM hosts a weekly women’s bible study.  This is a very safe and special place for local women to attend and fill up their spiritual cup. 

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