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Fall 2017 - Time to Reboot

Dear Friends,

I know it’s been a while since I updated you on recent activities. As some of you know, I have been sick for some time and I am helping to care for my sick mother. I feel remiss in not reaching out to you sooner but the summer has been incredibly busy. 

An update on our matching fund campaign.

June  $1,491

July   $4,100

Aug   $3,195

Sept  $1,545   (to date)

Our numbers for our matching fund campaign have considerably slowed down. We are heading into October and we are almost $30,000 short of our goal to receive the full match. As previously mentioned, our donations keep our doors open. It pays for utilities, the food pantry and a variety of programs. We are also using funds to provide direct relief. 

Recently, after visiting groups had already committed to projects, we got a call from someone who was concerned about an elderly neighbor. A 70 year old woman with colon cancer had leaks in almost every room in her home. The leaks were so bad, they prevented her from sleeping in her bedroom. Also, the bathroom floor was about to fall through. With your donations, we were able to give this woman a new metal roof and repair her floor.

We’ve also used funds to purchase new heat/air units for each of the bunk rooms. This year we have heat!! We are updating the bunk rooms and have built 2 PODS for guests with special needs. The POD has 1 bunk bed, a desk, lamp, and is completely enclosed for privacy. By updating the bunk houses, we hope to attract more visitors to help in the community.

We have extended the two front decks to create one large deck that will allow us to better unload the food trucks. We have put in electricity at the field bathrooms and picnic shelter, which has enabled us to host events at night.  

We used funds to hire a local teen to assist at the center for the summer. I am currently looking for someone to serve as an assistant manager to help me with the day to day operations. ICM has grown extensively. Sometimes, I feel like a helicopter flying above the trees, swooping down to put fires out. But lately, the fires seem to be winning. Right now, we have 8 families who need home repairs that we have no way of helping! So many families need to have roofs fixed or replaced, windows replaced, walls replaced. In one home, the children are sleeping in a bunk bed that was provided by the Bed Ministry. The child on top is sleeping within 2 feet of black mold on the ceiling and walls, due to leaks. I have another family who needs a new tub and plumbing before the floor completely rots out. We need groups who can come and do the work and pay for materials. Winter is coming quickly and these homes are only going to get worse if we don’t work on them soon. We need help!

Please know that we are humbled by your generosity. We have been blessed with so many people who have traveled to our community or donated to our cause. Thank you for all you do and we appreciate any help you are able to give.


Summer Events

I listed below our recent visitors and the incredible help that they have provided. 

June 2017:

The Bed Ministry (Paducah, KY)

Built and delivered 15 beds with new mattresses to families.

Christ Community Church (Franklin, TN)

Completed 3 home repair projects, hosted a Vacation Bible School and a women’s ministry.

Community Presbyterian Church (Lombard, IL)

Did home repairs and hosted a sports camp.

July 2017:

The Bed Ministry

Built and delivered 14 more beds with new mattresses to local children.

Jones Family Group (Lebanon, TN)

Replaced siding & windows, built on a bedroom, and house painting for a local family.  

Mission Development Ministries (Anderson, SC)

Vacation Bible School and youth activities. Free hair cuts and work projects at the Center.

Earles Grove Baptist Church (Westminster, SC)

Built on bedrooms for children for a family. Fixed deck at ICM and installed electricity to ICM field bathrooms and shelter.

West Hills Community Church (Westmont, IL)

Various home repairs.

Langley Baptist Church (Langley, SC)

Brought donations and volunteered at thrift store.

August 2017:

KY Mountain Kids (Bellwood, IL)

The Rucker Group (Alpharetta, GA)

Supplied new backpacks filled with school supplies and hygiene packs. Our “Back to School Bash” also hosted a free clothing day to help the kids get ready for school.

Signed up over 334 kids in preparation for our Christmas annual Christmas party that will be held on Dec. 2.  

September 2017:

Langley Baptist Church

Brought donations for the thrift store and volunteered organized the entire store. They also helped with building a POD in one of the bunk rooms.

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