Mission Teams

Dear Team Leaders:

Thank you for wanting to partner with ICM in caring for the folks who call Rattlesnake Ridge their home.  These ridges and hollers are home to some amazing folks, some incredible suffering, some lost hope, and some families who very much need your encouragement and your help.  They need your heartfelt encouragement and love as much as any repair you’ll offer to do with/for them. 

With that in mind, we ask you to look at our calendar for available dates.  Once you have decided upon available dates, please email us at: missions@ky-icm.org

To confirm your team dates, please send us the following

information, which will enable us to help you find the right project:

Anticipated arrival and departure dates

Number of participants (adults/youth)


Type of help you hope to give

Skill sets of your group

NOTE:  No Team is considered confirmed until we send you a confirmation letter in return.

If you need housing, we offer a bunkhouse on Rattlesnake Ridge which will sleep approximately 48 people.  12 bunks in the male dorm room and 12 bunks in the female dorm room.  We have 2 male showers and 2 female showers.

We have kitchen facilities with 2 stoves, 2 microwaves, a refrigerator (an additional refrigerator may be available, so please ask if you think you will need it) and a dishwasher.  We also have an industrial sized ice maker and a washer/dryer combo available for use.

The Cost is $12 per person per night 

with a $50 cleaning fee per bunk room per week

All persons will be REQUIRED to agree to abide by the

and to sign a

Mailing Address:


Integrated Community Ministries

4837 Rattlesnake Ridge

Stearns, KY 42647

Phone:  606-310-6977

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